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Northbrook's Best After School Club

Looking for somewhere safe and enriching to send your kids after school? Our After School club  picks them up from school and delivers them safely to our facility where they can continue to grow and have fun.

For Grades:

K - 8


Registration Begins August 5th

We pick your child up from school and you pick them up from us between 5:30 to 6pm


Club Begins on the First Full Day of School but new members are welcomed anytime during the school year.


We offer 3 or 5 day a week service


3 Days a week costs $38 per day

5 Days a week costs $35 per day

Pay Monthly gets the prices above

Sign up Yearly and save 10%

Pay off a year in advance and save 20%

We are partnered with Goldfish swim school. If you want swim Lessons that will be $22 more per week. 


New Members can try their first week of After school Club at 50% off.

Schedule your meeting with us to redeem!


Schedule a free meeting with our staff to visit our school.

We can discuss your specific needs from our After School Program

Peace of Mind

Feel confident that your child is in good hands after school while you work.

Knowing they are safe, finishing up homework and learning new activities all while making new friends is a wonderful feeling.


Arts & Crafts

Puzzles & Games

Martial Arts


Video Games


School Subjects



Bully Prevention

Team Sports

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