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Image by Bundo Kim


Promotion Date:

Saturday July 27th 2024

Makeup Test:

Friday 6:00 pm August 2nd 2024


Must be paid in full 1 week before the test. Paid in cash or check to KH KIM.

$80 - For Groups 1, 2, and 3, all belts are included. - Saturday July 27th 2024

$100 - Makeup Test Group - Friday 6:00 pm August 2nd 2024

$120 - Solo Private test - Contact us to Schedule.

Requirements for testing

  1. Little Dragons: Have 4 Stripes on your belt. Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue Stripes.

  2. 7 Yrs Old & Up: Have 6 Stripes on your belt. Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Silver, and Blue Stripes.

  3. Attended minimum of 10 Classes.

  4. Complete the Test Application Form and submit it 1 week before testing.

  5. You must come in complete White Taekwondo Uniform with the right belt color.

Keep in mind that every category of testing offers you an opportunity to push your limits. Whether it's mastering Basic Stances and Punches, Combinations Kicks, Self-Defense, or Poomsaes, you'll have two chances to shine brightly with each task. And for Board Breaking, you'll have an impressive five chances to prove your strength and determination. Embrace these challenges and let them fuel your journey towards success!

Image by Bundo Kim
Test Form
Please fill out completely
Select an option

Student assessment for ages 3 - 18
Please only check one circle per row


Keeps room neat & clean.
Puts personal belongings away.
Puts dirty clothes in the laundry.


Completes homework.
Uses black belt effort in class.
Uses black belt respect for teachers & classmates.


Does not interrupt adult conversation.
Greets parents when entering & leaving the house.
Completes assigned chores.
Maintains good relationship with family members.


Practices Taekwondo at home.
Reads or studies outside of school.

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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